GREEN (green fee)          SILVER (green fee+ cart)

SINGLE                            $650                                        $1,200
SENIOR (55+)              $540                                        $1,150
JUNIOR (18-)               $250                                        N/A
COUPLES                       $825                                        $1,550
SENIOR COUPLES   $710                                        $1,450
FAMILY OF 3                $1,100                                    $1,900

CART TRAIL FEE                                $275

Rocky Knoll is a member of the North Atlantic Golf Course Association, an association of golf courses in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Washington and Canada that offers reciprocal play to members of the golf courses within this organization.

Players are entitled to a maximum of 2 free rounds of golf at each participating course per calendar year. Players are required to rent a powercart when redeeming their free rounds of golf. More details are available at participating courses.